Saturday, March 8, 2014

Do you have a robotic quilting machine?

Wow, I'm loving this quilt design program!  5D Quilt Design Creator is a VERY expensive program and there is no way I would have ever purchased it myself.  But, when I got my quilting machine this summer, the lady who had purchased the machine, also purchased the robot and the program.  I downloaded the program to my daughter's computer this summer, but never could figure out how to download the upgrade and so never played around with it much.  Last week, I finally decided I had enough and put the program on my laptop.  I found the paperwork and took two hours to figure out how to get the upgrade loaded onto the computer.  Then, I started to play.  I think I'm in trouble now because I'm having way too much fun!  This is a very addictive new toy.  I know I've only scratched the surface of what the program can do and already I'm making things that actually look like the idea in my head!

Here's a snail design that stitches out so cute!

Again, if you want to download them for your computerized quilting machine, there is a link on the right side bar at the top.  It will take you to my google drive online.  Here's the link too.  I hope you enjoy these digitized quilting designs for free.

Is there a different format you would like?  I can save the files in different formats if you let me know what you'd like to try.

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