Sunday, March 16, 2014

Quilt Day

 Look what we did today!  We sewed and actually got some things done.  Sooo good.
 Students got together with seasoned veterans to make quilts for kids.  We worked on vintage machines that have sewn countless items and used recycled fabrics to make hugs for kids in crisis.  That's what I call a good day.
 Karen and nancy sewed blocks together and actually got two quilt tops finished and a third almost done.  We never get this much done in 3 hours.  There must have been some extra energy in the air today.
 Nancy only had to take apart her blocks 4 times.  That's a good day for Nancy :)
 One of the students got so much fabric cut out.  I got a huge box of 24 pounds of fabric mailed to me this week and she got almost all of it cut up into pieces that will be sewn together at the next quilt day.  We are always working ahead like this.  One cuts, another sews.
 Here's another quilt top before it got pressed.  Kids come in all sizes so this will be perfect for a wee little one.
 Karen's showing off one of the two tops that were put together out of the 'waste' fabric.  We never throw anything away.  These blocks were made at one of the previous quilt days.  Gail straightened them all up.  She's moving to South Carolina to live closer to her daughter and this was her last meeting with us, but promised to keep in touch and send pictures of her grandbaby that is due very soon.
Here's a clever quilt Karen came up with.  The centers are 5 inch squares and then she went around and around with strings like a log cabin.  It is gorgeous!

And some 7 1/2 inch drunkards path blocks Karen took home from last time to play with.  She loves to try different things.  She sews everything on her Singer Featherweight machine.

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