Monday, March 3, 2014

It doesn't look like much

But this is my first quilting design.  When I got my robotic quilting machine, it came with a thousand dollar quilting program called 5D Quilt Design Creator.  Yep, you read correctly, the program alone cost $1,000.  It's taken me this long to figure out how to load it onto the computer and play around with it and finally create a quilting design.  I know, not too impressive yet, but tomorrow I'm going to load it onto the quilting machine and see if it actually stitches out :)  It looks like a 5 year old drew it, but it's a start.  It only took me 1 1/2 hours to load the program and about an hour to draw this!  Just think how long it takes the designers to make the really pretty designs!  No wonder they charge $15 a piece for them.  I'm learning to appreciate a little more what goes into quilting every day.

But, it is a stress reducer, for sure.  It takes a lot of concentration to get the lines to move.  It reminds me a lot of Etch a Sketch, where you have to move one handle up and down and the other right to left to get the little line to draw just right.  And if you make a mistake, you have the shake the whole thing and start over again.  There's a whole lot of shaking going on around here!

Hopefully my sketches will get better as I practice more.  If this works, I will work on it and make it a little smoother and then maybe I can make more designs as free downloads to share.  That's if I can figure out that part of the whole thing.  I will probably have to ask my son how to do that.  He's the computer guy!

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow with the neurologist who does botox.  Maybe tomorrow I will come home looking 15. :)  At least on half of my face.

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