Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park

Continuing on our journey, we stopped along the road and had a picnic lunch. The boys sat along the ground to eat their food. My little guy was sitting with the Germans and they went off a little ways for a walk. He comes running back to me and says, I don't understand anything these guys are saying. They are speaking Japanese! We all had a good laugh! I guess if it isn't English, it must be Japanese :)Higher up the mountain and there was a lookout point. Nothing makes a mother's heart stop than having her little one climb to the top of a rock with a zillion foot drop off. This was the highest I let my kids go, but you can see some of the kids went over the edge. I guess nobody has fallen off the edge, or there would be railing, but I wasn't breathing until we got back in the car.

This bridge was really fun because when you walked over it you created static electricity. When you came near someone, you gave them quite a shock! Nobody wanted to get too close :)
At the very top, there was this little marmot licking the rocks. My little guy said he was a beaver and all of the tourists were looking for the beaver over the edge of the railing.

We couldn't believe there was still snow on the ground in July. Nothing like this in California for sure!

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