Thursday, August 5, 2010


the back

The memory quilt is finished and I'm about to find a box and get it in the mail this afternoon. I can't tell you how good it feels to have it done.
I'm working on designing a quick and easy pattern for using up my fat quarters. I have about a zillion of them (I counted them) and I hate using them because they are a pain to cut. They aren't all the same size so you can't just stack them one on top of another and get the same size pieces.
I started working on the pattern last night while watching TV and so far have come up with two different patterns and tried one out last night and cut the second one out too. They are super simple and quick and will use up these fat quarters lickity split. After all, isn't that why we get fabric? To use it up?
But, you should see my sewing room! It is a total disaster! I've started pulling fabrics for my Binky Patrol meeting on Sunday. I have a box for cutting into 6 1/2 inch strips for making more quilt kits and a box for making 2 1/2 inch binding strips. I learned a new technique for ironing the binding (a different post) and am on a binding making frenzy. I'm thinking of giving up quilting and starting a hobby of making binding. I bet I could make a lot of binding with all of the fabric I have here :)
Ok, off the computer to find a box and head to the post office before I get distracted again.

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