Thursday, August 12, 2010

Go Home, Car, Go Home

So, how exactly do you ship a car across the country? You can't take it to the post office and put it in a flat rate box. Nope, you call a car shipping company, they come to your house, put it on a truck and deliver it wherever you pay them to.
I put the order in last week and they were supposed to come Thursday night or Friday sometime. The truck driver was supposed to call me 24 hours ahead of time to confirm the exact time of pickup. I got a call this morning saying he was coming in 40 minutes. What? 40 minutes? I'm not ready! We had planned to ship some stuff in the car too and nothing was packed up yet. Luckily, my daughter had packed it up last night and had it ready to go in the car.
The guy showed up 20 minutes later (not good at telling time I guess) and loaded it onto the truck. He hooked all sorts of chains to the car and took a good 30 minutes to get it completely loaded. I figured he would put it on the front of the truck since it was the first car on the truck, but he loaded it on the back. I waved goodbye and off he went. Sure hope he shows up on the other end in about a week!

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