Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I did it! My own challenge

Today's goal was to cut the fabric for the first pattern I wanted to try from the book The Giving Quilt. I not only cut the fabric, but I got the whole quilt top done too! And I cut fabric for two more quilt tops and have them kitted up and ready to sew. This pattern went together really quickly and easily. A lot of the pieces were at least partly cut already. I had spent most of Sunday cutting 2 1/2 inch strips from my 'ugly' fabric for bindings and I dug through that and then through my 6 1/2 inch squares and came up with this quilt top in about an hour.
The pattern is called Day Dreams and it will make a really nice baby quilt. The next two are going to be done with all different colors of 6 1/2 inch squares and I'm sure they will look completely different from this first one.
Now, onto the next quilt pattern. I am going to start using my books. I am. I am.

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quilterchick said...

Congratulations! I knew you could do it, I just didn't know you'd be that FAST! Give yourself a big pat on the back!