Saturday, August 7, 2010

Procrastinating takes longer than quilting

Here's the first of the 14 quilts to finish before school starts. Do I think I will get them all done? No, but I will make a good dent in the stack and make room for the ones that had to go in the garage for the massive clean that you can't even tell happened when the boyfriend came over :)
I put this quilt off for over a year and it took maybe 20 minutes to quilt. Why so long? I have no idea. I had to piece the back because it is wider than the width of a piece of fabric and so those are all of the quilts that need working on right now. They all need the backs pieced together before I can work on them. But really, how long does that take?
So, I loaded another quilt last night and pieced another back. I hope to get both of those quilts done today. I also hope to try out some new quilting. I have a new book with quilting designs and lots of old quilting books and a couple of DVD's and keep using the same old quilting patterns on my quilts. Time to branch out and try new things. I keep going back to the standards, meandering, baptist fans, loops, stars, hearts because they are quick and I don't have to think about them, but trying something new stimulates the brain and keeps that active. At my age, you have to stimulate your brain every once in a while.
So, I'm going to make myself try something new on every other quilt. Who knows, I may find something I really like and that may become my new standard. And I need to start practicing feathers again! This was supposed to be the year of the feather and I really haven't done any this year at all. Can't get better at making feathers if you aren't even practicing. They just take so long :)
Ok, off I go. Wish me luck.

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