Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another top finished

I really need to get some quilting done. My friend Carla shows up at the door and my little guy, who is not supposed to answer the door says, there is a lady at the door holding quilts! So, he knows it is ok to let her in. I just hope the bad guys never find this out :)
She brought back all of the quilts I had quilted, plus all of the ones she had quilted from our binding friend, Rhoda. Rhoda is a fast binder! She said she has nothing to do all day, but sit and sew binding onto quilts. So, that means I had better get busy!!!
Here are the two quilts using the same pattern. The one on the top is the one I finished today. I made it 5 by 5 instead of 4 by 6. Why? Because I messed up the first row and made that 5 squares and figured it was easier to sew them all in rows of 5 instead of ripping out one extra block. I know, it wasn't easier, but that's how I was thinking at the time.
The one on the top is made with lots of different blocks for the centers. The one on the bottom is made with just two colors of blocks. I like them both!
I have one more quilt like the top one ready to sew. They are quick.
The one today I just found some strips for the borders. Skinny strips for the inner and thick strips for the outer. I didn't quite have enough of the thicker strips, so just cut a piece that was laying near the sewing machine and it looks like I planned the border just like it is. That's why I never clean up in the sewing room. You never know when you will need an emergency piece of fabric and are too lazy to get up, so just reach down and there you go! Who knows what would have happened to this project if I had to get up, look for fabric, cut a piece, measure and then go back to sew. I probably would have gotten distracted by either the computer or chocolate. The quilt top would never have gotten done. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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Angie said...

I really like these 2 quilts you have on here! Very nice!! :0)