Sunday, August 8, 2010

#2 Yay!

And a new pattern for quilting. I had my daughter go through the book and pick out 4 new quilting designs for me to try. Of course, she picked out some pretty complicated ones, but that's ok because it forces me to stretch myself and try things I wouldn't normally try on my own. Isn't that what we have friends push us beyond our comfort zones?

I think the flowers turned out great. They are supposed to be columbines. I think they look like what they were supposed to look like. On to the next quilt. This one I am free to do whatever I want on.


Pattilou said...

The flowers do look great! I think I could try them. I sometimes am like you, I want to hurry through so that I can have a finish--it does become important to stretch ourselves. For me diversion keeps the boredom away. Love your blog BTW>

Sue H said...

That flower is adorable. I love designs you can do on the fly. Very pretty!