Monday, August 9, 2010

A new challenge

As if I didn't have enough to do :)

I've decided to challenge myself to branch out and try new things. Remember when I couldn't draw :)

Well, I can't sew a perfect 1/4 inch seam and I can't sew 1/2 square triangles.

That will end too. Last night I picked out a book off my shelf called The Giving Quilt by Cozy Quilt Designs. I just had to have this quilt book when I was at the store, oh, maybe a year ago. It had the perfect quilts in it. They look simple enough. But, what happened to the book? Just like the other 50 books on my shelf. It sat. All of the other 'must have' books that I paid good money for, it sat. I looked at it and thought, these patterns are too hard. They will take too long. I won't have the patience to finish the quilts. So, I went back to my standards and put the book back on the shelf.

Well, no longer my friend. I am going to make some if not all of the quilts in this book and then move on to a different book. Last night I picked out 6 of the 10 quilts in the book that I liked and thought, hey, I can do that. I wrote down the cutting instructions and tomorrow I plan to start cutting out one of the quilts. I hope to get the top finished before school starts.

I posted on the yahoo group stashbusters that I wish I had an accountability partner who would keep me on track and check up on me to make sure I didn't give up after 5 seconds like I normally do. I had two people email me saying they would love to help me out. So, now I am accountable to two ladies to let them know how I'm doing and I will be posting progress here for all to see.

Plus I have 8 more quilts waiting to be quilted (plus about 30 more in the garage that need digging out, but who is counting?) I quilted another one that needs to be posted, but I'm on my son's computer and don't have the camera here and I'm too lazy to go find it, so you will just have to wait until tomorrow to see quilt #6. I'm on a roll. Just hope I don't burn out before school starts next week :)

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For His Glory said...

I love your determination girlfriend!