Saturday, February 15, 2014

What motivates your quilting?

 Marcia Harmening came to my local quilt shop today and I just happened to be in there to purchase some fabric for a new quilt I'm making.  There were quite a few women there to hear her talk about her quilts.  She had lots of quilts to share and I popped in the back room for a few minutes while the ladies cut my fabric.  Several things came to mind as I listened and watched the people who were watching.

I've never seen most of the people who came to hear this author at the quilt shop before.  I started thinking, what motivates people to quilt?  I'm sure for every person there, each one has a different story.  I'm sure some quilt to make gifts for others, some quilt to make beautiful art, some quilt to bring comfort and some quilt because it is a relaxing way to spend extra time.

It can be an expensive hobby, or it can be thrifty, if you use recycled fabrics and hand me down, recycled clothing.

I often wonder what makes people like me make charity quilts and give them away and what makes people like the lady today make dozens of quilts and hang onto them, drag them all over the country and show them off.  

So, how did you get started quilting?  What motivates you?  What keeps you going back again and again?  The colors, the finished quilts, the friends you make?

I often wonder what people who don't quilt do with all the time in their day?  Do they spend all day cleaning their houses?  What a sad life they must have!

Thanks for taking a minutes to help me learn a little more about what motivates quilters.


Anonymous said...

I got started quilting (or teaching myself to quilt) in October 2013. My mother and I attended a local quilt show, and from that point on I was inspired. What motivates me to push own personal goals and friends thinking that quilting is weird (until they see the finished product!). What keeps me going back again: I LOVE fabric, matching colors and watching something beautiful come together. Also, I have learned that the quilting world is SO friendly! I was very nervous to share some of my quilts and other creations at first, but everyone has been so nice and supportive. It is almost like having your own little cheer team giving you an extra boost of confidence. :)

barbara woods said...

i am making all my grands a quilt and still like more queen sized quilts

Farm Quilter said...

I got started making place mats for my mother then my LQS offered a free class for piecing. I was the only one who signed up for the class that actually showed up so I had two teachers. Whipped out that Turning Twenty Again in a few weeks then had to make another one - one for my granddaughter and the other for my oldest step-daughter as a wedding quilt (no, she was not even engaged!). Nine months after piecing my first quilt, I had purchased my Innova longarm, and a week after I had set it up I had my first customer quilt on the frame. I haven't looked back - love the quilting process the most, but I love piecing enough that I have about 40 quilts waiting to be quilted. I love to give them as gifts or for fund raising for worthy causes.