Friday, February 21, 2014

from all over

 This quilt top came from Carol Egan in Saint Paul Mn and I quilted it for Margaret's Hope Chest.  I love coin quilts.  They are a great way to use up bits and pieces from other quilts.  I need to do this with my scraps.  Boy do I have scraps.  I have a coin quilt my mom made for one of my kids that I use all the time.  It's just a kid quilt, but is perfect for the couch when you just need to cover up for a nap.  Today was a nap kind of day.  Gravity was strong on the couch.  I think partly because the furlough week is coming to an end and partly because I wasn't feeling well.
This quilt top came all the way from the Netherlands.  How crazy is that?  I love the pattern.  Too bad my photographer didn't tell me I was holding it sideways.  Hard to get good help these days :)  The box is almost full of quilts for Margaret's Hope Chest.  Let me know if you have something you want quilted for the project.

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Francis Paul said...

How great to see my top quilted!!! I wish I had a long arm machine, but the are sooooo expensive here :-(

Thank you for making the top into a fab quilt!!!!