Saturday, February 22, 2014

show some love

 Margaret's Hope Chest is looking for some heart quilts.  This one was sent to me to quilt.  I didn't see the heart while I was quilting it, but how cute is this?  It's an I spy quilt too with really cute little blocks all put together.  I 'heart' this quilt!
And more boy quilts are always needed for every charity I work with.  I'm really focusing on picking out boy fabrics to make kits with this year because every time I get a phone call from an organization, they are always asking for boy quilts.  I have to be purposeful in reminding myself about this.

And I got a phone call yesterday from a group that works with homeless asking for quilts for the kids they serve.  Then today I got a phone call from a man who said his wife passed away a couple years ago.  He asked if I would like all the boxes of fabric she had.  She was a quilter and had won best in show in the Dixon May Fair a few years ago.  He didn't want to give her fabric away to Goodwill and wanted it to be used for something like Binky Patrol.  He saw the article in the paper and was so happy to find us.  I was so happy he found us too. :)  I love those phone calls!  I will be picking up the fabric tomorrow afternoon.


Carla said...

That's cool! I received two phone calls from the pre-article. Good press!!!

KaHolly said...

I applaud your successful efforts to serve others.

Carol E. said...

thanks for your help quilting for MHC! that heart-that-you-didn't-see was made by me!