Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Sewing Sunday

How are you spending this SuperBowl Sunday?  I'm working on this memory quilt for a friend's dad.  I made my friend one and her dad wants one too.  I have one more to make for my sister in law's friend whose son passed away.  He was a marine who came home and then passed away in his sleep one night.  They aren't sure why.  I really don't like making memory quilts but know they are needed and appreciated.  They are just hard to make because I want them to be perfect and there's too much pressure there.  My friend has been asking about this quilt for a couple months.  Other things have come up and pushed this to the back burner.  I finally decided I couldn't wait any longer to get this done.  I'm hoping to get it on the quilting machine later today.  I have one coming off as soon as I get off the computer.  I just have so much grading to do.  I have three TA's, but even with all the help, we just can't keep up.  I've been out so much and when you have a sub, you have to leave a lot of work for the kids.  It's work I would have them do normally for homework, but this way everyone turns the work in.  With homework, not everyone does it.  Oh, to balance everything.

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