Saturday, February 15, 2014

Olympic Inspiration

 How much do you love the Olympics this year for the inspiration it is giving to us quilters?  I mean seriously?  the patchwork, the color, the beauty?  I just love watching all the sports because all the athletes are sporting such great uniforms and the flags are everywhere showing off such great patchwork which makes me want to go quilt something!  Thank you Sochi!
 I'm just waiting for all the quilt designers to put out some amazing quilts to go with these gorgeous fabrics.
 Now the USA team jackets?  I'm not so in love with them.  Looks like somebody just threw a whole bunch of USA stuff together without too much thought to the final product.  Come on, we could have done better. :(
 Like the Norway Curling Team!!  That's some style!
 And yes, those pants do make your butt look big!
 I LOVE the Snowboard jackets.  My husband asked if I wanted one.  No, but I do want to make a quilt in those colors.  Perfect for a guy quilt, don't you think?

GO USA!  Go Quilt something!

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