Wednesday, February 5, 2014

another memory quilt

 Another memory quilt finished and crossed off my to do list.  One more to go for my sister in law's friend.  This one is for my friend's dad.  I made one for my friend already.  As I've said before they are not my favorite quilts to make, but I'm glad to make them and give them to people to bring them comfort.  I'm glad I've been blessed with a talent that can bring comfort when someone is hurting and know God wants me to use it to help others.  I just wish I didn't have to use it so often.

They were in a square dancing group and had matching sweatshirts.  I didn't notice until tonight, but they were opposite designs, guy on the left and then on the right.  How cute is that?  They were from a USSR/USA square dancing trip.  Now, that's a long time ago.  Russia hasn't been called the USSR for a long time.
And I pulled out some of these quilt tops made by the middle school kids last year because I need more quilts fast.  I love the plumeria quilting design.  It's cute and fast and doesn't use up a ton of thread.  It was a free design and is easy enough you could do it freehand with a bit of practice.  Once I remember where I got it, I will post a link.  There are so many different quilt design places, I have a hard time remembering things anymore.  I should write them down somewhere :)

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