Wednesday, February 12, 2014

more memory quilt blocks

 still working on the memory quilt for my husband's sister's best friend who lost her son in October.  It is evolving as I go.  I plan to make some heart blocks because there are only 8 pictures and I will have four of the marine fabric blocks for a total of 12 blocks.  It won't be big enough.  I may make some other star blocks as well to make it big enough to snuggle under.  I have all week off next week, two President's Days and three furlough days.  We just found out today we get three more work days added on at the end of the year without students to make up for the missed days next week.  Kind of a weird schedule.  They have changed all the information we are supposed to teach, so they are giving us an inservice at the end of the year to teach us what we were supposed to have taught the students.  Sounds about right for the way education works in this country :)
 I went in for my 5th round of acupuncture today and she used about 10 needles in different places this time.  I actually feel better tonight than I have in weeks.  She said that she thinks maybe it is my stomach causing my headaches.  Who knows?  She wants me to spend my week off next week in bed, resting.  The problem is I feel worse when I sit around and do nothing, rather than keep busy.  I have two more appointments and if nothing changes, I'm done with acupuncture.  I"m not sure what I can try next, my regular doctor says the chronic pain clinic is my next option.

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Farm Quilter said...

As a military momma, I just have to say how much this beautiful quilt is going to touch the heart of his mom. Thank you for taking such care with the creation of this quilt of a lifetime!