Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Veterans Quilt finished

 The backing fabric.
 Binding on after school today, just in time so I can take it tomorrow to our all school meeting to try and get some more support for the Veterans Day dinner that is a fundraiser for Girls' State and the scholarships the Ladies Auxiliary does every year for high school students.  My oldest daughter went her junior year and had a great time.  My younger daughter went through the interview process and when they asked her to sing her favorite song, she froze.  She sat there for what she said was at least 5 minutes in complete silence and could not think of a single song, not even Happy Birthday before they finally went on to the next girl for her question.  That still haunts her to this day.  And now, when she goes in to an interview, she practices singing a song right before she goes in.  Would you believe, nobody has ever asked her to sing a song again?  It's the funny things in life like that that stick with you!
 This has to be my favorite go to quilt for quick and easy and looks great when finished.  The blocks are 18 inches, easy to sew and I made this in 2 days, plus an hour to put the binding on.  It took a long time to quilt because I picked a complicated pattern.  Not that I actually had to do much, other than baby sit the machine when it came to the end of the row.  I used the prewound bobbins, so only had to change it once.
 This quilt is about a twin bed size.  Or perfect for snuggling under when you need to be reminded that you are loved.
Close up of the quilting.  Have I mentioned how much I love my robotic quilting machine?  Well, I do :)
I hope it raises a lot of money to help send kids to Girls' State and off to college.  I will be making another one in the spring for Boys' State.  I'm hoping my son gets to go this year.  They learn all about how government works.

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