Sunday, November 10, 2013

a tale of two quilts

This is the quilt I'm working on for myself.  I started it about a month ago.  Here it sits, on the design wall.  I haven't found the time or motivation to finish it.  I have the border and backing fabric and I love the design and fabric, so why won't I finish it?

Here is the second quilt.  I was starting to clean my sewing room yesterday, found the blocks, sewed them all together yesterday, quilted it today.  Why can I work on a mindless project like this in less than 24 hours and not finish something for myself?  I've made quite a few quilts for others while my quilt hangs on the wall with no finish in sight.  I'm not exactly sure what my problem is.  I think I need someone to come over and kick me to make me finish that quilt.
Now, with the need for quilts in the Philippines, I can see my project getting pushed even further out of the way.  Maybe if I pin it all together and sit it by the sewing machine, I can work on it inbetween other things.
Tomorrow is Stockings for Soldiers.  I've contacted three local TV news stations and the two local newspapers.  Let's see if anyone shows up to cover the good things high school students do.  Hopefully there will be no tragedies tomorrow and it will be a slow news day.  Wouldn't it be grand to have all five come over!  There are expected to be over 50 kids coming.  It's going to be a crazy afternoon.

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Shelley W. said...

Hello--I have been following your blog. I have the same set-up as you for your longarm. I am installing a dead bar this weekend, thanks to you! Also, I was reading some of your older posts, and noticed some of your medical issues. I had the same symptoms and they were written off as peri-menopause. Long story short, my thyroid was whacked out. Now, I know, doesn't seem like much, but a few years ago, scientific people changed the way they measure thyroid, and if your doctor doesn't keep up, you may not be treated properly. Another thing, mine was 4.6. A doctor should treat you at 4.5. Additionally, optimal is 1.7 to 2.1, so to me, 4.5 is whacked out. I was having 2-3 periods a month, and heavy, too. Some lasting 14 days or more. I felt like my mouth had no filter, and the depression was the worst. I'm not trying to diagnose you, but rather, just help. It is a $15.00 test, and my prescription is $4.00 a month. Wish I had known this before I suffered for 7 years--with a wait and see Doc. I changed doctors, and I feel great! I have so much energy, lost 14 pounds, my feet, neck and shoulders feel great (they were achy and tight before). Sorry, this is long and hopefully not too much TMI. You are a nice lady, and I just hope your medical issues clear up!