Sunday, November 24, 2013

keeping busy

 and running out of space to take pictures of quilts!
 I guess that is a good thing :)

This was a special request by the Nurse Family partnership.  They wanted any Christmas quilts I had, so I had to quilt it up quickly and even put the binding on by myself today :)  All while my personal quilt is quilting away.  That thing is taknig forever.  It will be worth it when it is done, but the quilting is taking tons of bobbin thread.  It won't make it a whole row without running out of a bobbin.  I'm using a feather pattern called Cockatiel feathers, in honor of my friend Clod, my cockatiel I had when I was a kid.  My parents said I could have $35 for a class ring in high school or $35 for a bird.  I picked the bird.  He could whistle and was always so happy.  He would get started on a song and then get stuck in the middle and just repeat and repeat the same couple of notes over and over and over until you went crazy!  I loved that bird.  He lived a long time and finally got a big tumor near his leg.  Of course, I went off to college, got married and had kids.  My parents ended up taking care of him for most of his life.  My dad built a small aviary off my bedroom window and they enjoyed his whistling for many years.  I'm sure the neighbors 'loved' it too :)  Now I will think of him ever time I cuddle under my quilt.  I knew the perfect quilting pattern would come along after searching all the sites and thousands of patterns.  I can't wait to show it to you.  It's gorgeous, but man it is taking forevr!

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