Thursday, November 28, 2013

Every scrap is used

 The tiny scraps of leftover fabric that can't be used in quilts are used as stuffing for dog beds.  My dogs love the fact that I'm a quilter.  My little scruffy poodle mix dogs got new green pillows today.  Harper has made a sleeping spot in my daughter's closet.  Two new pillows here to make her cave a bit more comfy.
Mandy, the boxer/lab mix who is about 15 years old got a new orange pillow today.  She loves getting new pillows.  The old one goes outside until it gets so old and stinky that it goes in the trash.  I don't feel bad throwing them away after about a year because they definately get used well.  The fabric was donated for blankets, but is really for making rugs.  It is too rough and scratchy, but the dogs aren't complaining.  We always find a home for all of the donated fabric we get.

I guess I should put the chain saw away.  Funny how you don't notice something until you take a picture :)  Maybe Mandy will learn to use it and chop down a tree or two.  Or, maybe not.

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