Monday, November 25, 2013

my first quilt

 I'm so excited to have my very own quilt to have and to hold and to keep for myself.  After making over 1100 quilts and giving them away, I think it is time I kept one :)  Hubby agrees.
 I had to lay this in the middle of the street to take a picture.  Good thing a car didn't come by and drive over it.  I probably would have jumped in front of it to protect it.
 Don't you love the quilting pattern?  The 8 hours it took to quilt were worth it in the end.  And the miles and miles of thread, yeah, I had this 6,000 yard cone of white that I never though would get used up, well, it's about 3/4 gone.  Not just from this quilt, but since I got Rebecca, it has gone fast.  I'm thinking of going into the Long Arm business, but there are a lot of things to think about, the price, the taxes, business licence, the cleaning the house! Ugh, too much to keep track of.  But, if I made money quilting, I could pay someone to clean my house.  That would be nice.  And I could pay someone to do my taxes.  But, then I wouldn't make any money on the quilting business because I would be paying it all out on other things.  How about I just trade?  You clean my house, I quilt for you?  You cook my dinner, I quilt for you?  Sound like a deal? :)  Even better, you grade my papers, I quilt for you!  Yeah, I have 5 boxes of lab books to bring in from the car.  Each box has multiple labs in it that need attention over the break.  Depressing.
Oh, look, more pretty quilting.  That's better.  Let's not think about depressing things.  Let's look at pretty quilting instead.  There's plenty of time for depressing things later.  Click on the picture and be happy!

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