Sunday, November 24, 2013

To comfort a child

The little girl whose mother was shot and killed a few days ago will be getting this quilt soon.  Turns out her mother was the friend of my childhood friend.  I had no idea my childhood friend lives so close to me.  She posted on Facebook that they were looking for the killer of her friend and I happened to read the story since it is in a neighboring town.  I offered to make a quilt and asked for her favorite colors. Pink and purple.  I love the star blocks in scrappy colors.  I think I have found a new favorite pattern.  I worked on this yesterday and today while my quilt quilted away.
It took Rebecca all day today to quilt out my quilt.  Cockatiel feathers takes a long time, about 40 minutes per row and more than one bobbin per row.  I timed how long one bobbin lasted and it was 34 minutes.  So, I set a timer for 30 minutes so I would come back just as the bobbin ran out and I wouldn't waste top thread.  Since there isn't a sensor on the machine (for $17,000 you would think they could include a bobbin sensor!) I figured timing the bobbin thread was the easiest way to keep track.
I am just so in love with the look of this quilting design.  I'll have to remember where I bought it and post a link.

I can't wait until tomorrow when I pull the thing off the machine, put the binding on and take it out into the sunlight to get some pictures and then curl up under it for a nap.  Yup, that's the final test of a good quilt!

Oh, and I ordered some bobbin thread to keep me from changing the bobbin so often.  I think I grabbed a spool of quilting thread and that's why the bobbin was running out so often.  The top thread and bobbin thread are both 40 wt.  Yeah, not much thread fits when it is 40 wt.  Bobbin thread is either  60 wt or 70 wt depending on the brand.  Can't wait until that gets here now.  I got white and black.  I think I have some 70 wt bobbin thread around here somewhere.  Just have to find it.  Tomorrow I'm off to the LBC to ship the boxes to the Philippines, off to Nurse Family partnership to deliver quilts and then hopefully making some more shelves for the garage so I can organize some more.  Included in the day will be quilting the pink and purple quilt and getting the binding on it.

And crossing my fingers my migraine is gone.  I've had the same one for three weeks now.  I've asked the doctor if I can get acupuncture.  Maybe that will help?  I've thought about sticking a knitting needle in my eye.  What could be worse?

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KaHolly said...

The little girl will love her quilt. You are so very sweet. I am a migraine sufferer, too. I hope you woke to a headache free day!