Sunday, November 17, 2013

couple more from yesterday

 I've always found the best way to work through a migraine is to work through a migraine.  I can tell the depression came from the antidepressant because now that I've been off it almost a week, I actually feel like working on quilts again.  I tell you, if your doctor ever suggests taking Effexor, run.   Run quickly!  That stuff is terrible.  I hope if you are on it, it is working for you, but wow, it was bad for me.  You know it is bad when I don't even want to make a quilt.  That's a sign something is wrong!  I had the WORST migraine ever on Friday and Saturday and today I am so dizzy I can barely stand up and I want to quilt like nobody's business.  I'd rather have a migraine than have depression.  They should put that as a side effect :)  You will not want to make quilts, or do anything else you loved doing before you went on this medicine.  How can that be good for you?

Coming off it wasn't fun.  I was dizzy, foggy brained and felt like reaching through the phone and punching people who were annoying.  I had no patience with people I normally have patience for and I am a high school teacher.  I have a very high patience level.  I think there should be a law that doctors tell you everything that could go wrong with a medicine before they prescribe it to you.  Glad the withdrawals are almost over.

Today is Binky Sunday and we are making quilts for the Philippines.  If you want to help out, you can send me quilt tops that my group will finish up and send along.  We are working on them for the rest of this year (which is speeding by quickly) and we will get them out by Dec 31.  Send them quickly so we can get them into the hands of the kids who are needing hugs now.  Post a comment and I will get you my address.  Small quilts are best so if you have a small (36x48 or so) size quilt top laying around or can make one quickly, and get it in the mail to me, I'd be happy to quilt it up.  I have lots of backing fabric.  If you want to send me some batting, JoAnn's is having lots of coupons now and sales with Black Friday coming up too.


barbara woods said...

Just because a doctor gives it to you doesn"t mean you should take it. some things they give you can make you want to kill yourself. they gave my husband a nerve pill after he had surgery that made him feel that way

Farm Quilter said...

Glad you are feeling more like your creative self! I agree with you, doctors need to thoroughly understand the meds they are handing out and I don't think they do - they rely on the pharmacist to tell you that and many of them rely on you reading the information sheet they supply with the drugs! Good for you knowing that something was wrong with what this med was doing to you!