Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm not a hoarder

I am a collector of necessary items.
 Would a hoarder do this?  $79 worth of cans and bottles recycled today.  Yes, they were in my garage for the past year and It took me an hour to sort them and it was my $79 invested in recycling fees, but I finally got around to taking them in.  A hoarder would have held on to them for at least two years :)
My husband thinks I should get rid of the junk in the garage, but I think the solution is to build more shelves.  Especially since I have such a great shelf building son.  We built two sets of shelves today and they are actually straight this time.  We are getting better.  Not good enough to go into buisness quite yet, but getting there.  We were too lazy to find the level, so yes, maybe I am a hoarder because I think we have three levels around somewhere, but I just can't find them, but after we build a few more sets of shelves, I know we will come across them in all the treasures we have out there in the garage!

Look, the boxes are all nicely on the shelves and there is even an empty spot.  Did I bring anything out from the house yet?  Oh, no, so I must build more shelves.  I am not a hoarder, but I must have a shelf building disease.  Don't get too close, it may be contagious.

My son actually suggested we get the garage clean enough to park a car inside.  Silly boy, that's not what garages are for.

At least now I can see the boxes and take one at a time and empty them out.  That makes me happy.

I think I will wait until Christmas vacation to build more shelves.  I'm so sore from all the day's activities.  And I have plenty of work ahead of me with all of these boxes that I can get to now.  I bet I could empty half of them.

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