Friday, November 29, 2013

it's official...I'm insane

 Meet the three newest members of my sewing family.  Most people go Black Friday shopping and come home with New TV's New IPhones or tablets or New anything.  I go thrift store shopping and come home with Old sewing machines!  My family already thought I was crazy, but this prooves. it.
 This blue Brother I got for $30 at the Goowill in Dixon.  Not on sale, but for $30 it was a deal.  I have no idea if it works yet, but it is oh, so pretty.  It's name is Mark.  My brother's name is Mark.  Get it?  Yeah, I passed up on one similar about 4 years ago and have been kicking myself ever since.  I've been lookind and waiting and watching and promised myself if I ever saw a blue sewing machine again I would get it.  Well, I thought since I was there and had a minute, I would look around and they had a gorgeous old Singer, but no foot pedal, so passed on that and there, on the floor was this beauty.  Has the cover and everything and oh, so pretty.  I laughed when I took the cover off and thought, here's my birthday present.  I practically skipped out of the store, except the thing weighs 50 pounds!  I love these heavy old machines.
Then, I went to Savers and they had the next two machines.  This pink one (color washed out in the picture) was only $15 and on sale 30% off.  What a steal.  It will need a new belt.  It's an Atlas, never heard of it before, but I guess now that I'm a collector (NOT A HOARDER) I should learn a thing or two about old machines.  All the pieces seem to be there and look, it even comes with thread...bonus :)  Her name is Erin, my brother's wife's name.  Aren't they a cute couple?

And finally Ken, the Kenmore.  He was $20 plus 30% off that.  Cheap!  I have two just like him.  My old standby that I sew on every day is the exact twin of this machine.  They are a real workhorse and I just love mine.  Carla worked on my backup machine last week at Binky and got it working most of the time. 

Now I have three more machines for when we have sew days with the teenagers.  I just need to spend some time working with them to get them running.  Another excuse not to grade lab books.

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krislovesfabric said...

ah, the blue one is a beauty :)