Sunday, July 3, 2011

Today's goal met

But, hubby says to stop quilting today because I'm complaining that my shoulder hurts. I say it is from all of the driving I have been doing lately, but he says it is from all of the quilting. He is probably right, but I hate it when he is right. So, instead of trying to get more quilts done, I'm trying to match up quilts and backing fabrics. Since I don't have places to put the matched pairs, I'm putting them in a box. I've pulled out all of the quilt tops and there is a huge mess on the floor of the quilting room. No pictures :) I've pulled out a bunch of fabric that is big enough for backing without having to be matched and pieced together and do you realize just how hard it is to match the two together? You would think with over 100 tops and more backings than that, things would go together easily. But, when you are color challenged, things can be difficult! I had my daughter helping me yesterday, but hubby was playing an online video game with all of the kids today so I was on my own. I think I did ok, I'm sure she will jump in as I start pulling these out and question some of my choices :)

I matched about 40 quilts and you cannot tell from the pile. I have now sorted the tops by color categories and plan to bring a pile to my friend Carla's to pick out some more backing fabrics before she heads to Sister's in Oregon on Wednesday. She offered to kidnap me and take me along. When I mentioned it to my family, a discussion started as to who would starve to death before I came home in 5 days. It was very funny to hear how the kids thought they could survive on Top Ramen and what they would do when that ran out. While the thought of a retreat is interesting, I think I had better stay here and clean up my mess! It might take me 5 days to get to the front door.

and finally, here is a picture of one of the tops I quilted today. Isn't this one really cool? Once finished, it will head to Japan, along with a few others that arrived in time, but just didn't get finished in time to go with the big shipment.

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