Saturday, July 2, 2011

So here's the plan

I have two of these clothes hangers for my quilt tops. Not all of the quilt tops I have will fit on these :) I'm not complaining, just saying that I have a lot of tops to work through and this is why I am trying to get so many done this summer. I'm hoping to play catch up before more come in. Most people go on vacation during the summer and I have time off to get lots of quilting time in. Then, when I'm back in school and my top makers have time to sit at home and get busy again, they can load me up with more quilt tops again.

I took one of the clothes racks and made these little cards, one for each day of the week. Since my goal is 4 quilts a day, I figured I would put 4 quilt tops and backings in each little slot and then I would know if I reached my goal for the day or not. If I can do more than the day's quilts, I can just pull from another day. By the end of the week, the rack will be empty and I can always find more quilt tops in the piles and stacks of tops that are around in the sewing room. Each week I will have my daughter help me pull backing fabric to match the quilts and of course some of these will need the backings made to size. Lots of these quilts are bigger than one width of fabric so it will take some time to get the backing ready for quilting.

But, I think with a system in place, I will be better prepared each day for the quilting that needs to be done and feel a little less stressed. I can see the progress each week as the quilts disappear from the rack. I will replace them at the end of the week--each Saturday--with new quilts and since I have two racks, if I have time during the week to match quilts with backing fabric, I can always match and hang on the second rack without interfering with the first rack and messing up the progress and the visual impact it makes as the quilts disappear.

I'm pretty excited to watch this happen. The way the sewing room is now, things aren't disappearing! I keep bringing fabric in from the garage and the mess is just getting bigger and bigger! I'm trying to cut it up and sort it, but fabric is like rabbits--it breeds in the dark! :)

Hope you come back and watch the progress of the disappearing quilts and stay tuned for the quilt kit giveaway on Monday!


Madame Samm said...

you just touch my heart over and over again...if ever you would like to be a guest again Marilyn..let me know..

Tonya said...

Quilts upon quilts upon quilts. Wow!