Monday, July 18, 2011

Bag lady

I've been making bags this summer. Lots and lots of bags. With the fabric that isn't fit for making quilts, but is heavy and sturdy, I've been turing it into tote bags for carrying the quilts or kits or binding back and forth to my quilting friends. These are just some of the bags that are here at the house. The top two were made today. Do I have a pattern? Nope. After making a zillion of these, I just cut the bag fabric as big as possible. You make it out of a rectangle. The biggest bags are about 36 inches wide. Yep, nice and big. These are for carrying quilts, so they need to be big and wide and deep. Then, I cut the handles about 5 inches wide and as long as possible. If they are really long, they get sewed down the whole length of the bag. If they are shorter, they only get sewn to the top of the bag. See, no pattern. Each bag is different. Some bags have details on them, like the stitching along the sides to make them more squarish. Some don't. Some have matching handles because I had enough fabric, some don't. These are practical bags, not bags that will win any prizes in a show :) Each bag takes about 15 minutes to make and will be used over and over again and can be thrown in the washer. Now to fill them up with quilt kits or binding or finished quilts! They look so lonely sitting here empty :)

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