Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finished the baby quilt

I was invited to a baby shower for a friend at church's daughter last weekend. I couldn't go, but wanted to make a gift. Here it is finished :) Now I need to decide on whether to wrap it or just put it in a tote bag. You see I've been making a zillion and one tote bags from the thick fabric that has been donated. A tote bag saves me time and money on wrapping paper and could be useful to the new mother, but is that tacky? Does it say, hey, I'm too lazy to run to the store and buy you some pretty wrapping paper, come home, find the scissors and tape and spend 20 minutes trying to make your present look nice? Instead, I spent 10 minutes making this reusable tote for you and put your present inside. Would you rather have a tote, or wrapping paper that gets thrown away? I know my answer, but tell me what you think.


Candace said...

I'd rather have the tote bag any day, they are always so useful. The quilt is adorable.

Andee said...

I would rather have the is green too! Love that baby quilt!