Friday, July 22, 2011

Bathroom progress

Today there are three guys working on both bathrooms. After yesterday I thought, hey, I could be a construction worker! But, today, there is no way I could do this job.

The upstairs bathroom is what promped the phone call that got everything started. This little bit of tile.

Look what was behind the wall. Yuck!

All of this mold was behind the wall upstairs and downstairs too! Incredible what happens when you don't do things correctly. These guys sure are working hard. They are almost done with the downstairs shower install and have just put the upstairs parts upstairs. I keep peeking my head in the room to see what is going on but try to stay out of their way.

They promised to get the downstairs shower working today before they leave. I sure hope so because my daughter turns 16 tomorrow and is having a sleepover this weekend! :)

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