Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Goals and Am I weird?

So, my goals aren't going very well. 4 quilts a day isn't very big, but when I'm dealing with a torn muscle in my shoulder moving my arm hurts and I haven't been able to keep up with things lately. I'm having to rethink things around here.

One of those things is my goal setting. I'm realzing that I'm not reaching a lot of the goals I'm setting and I'm looking at a lot of my goals and wondering about my motives at setting these goals in the first place.

Why am I killing myself (ok, maybe not killing myself, but really physically hurting myself) to get 200 quilts done this summer? Because I want to get these quilts into the hands of kids who need hugs. I really want to comfort other people and sometimes that means pushing aside my own needs. I find that I get really frustrated when I can't quilt and have to take time off to just sit. Ugh.

Another one of my goals is to get more followers. Why? Certainly not because I want to be more popular or because I think I have such important things to say. I want more followers because I was told that if I had a bigger following, my blog would be chosen to give away some Accuquilt products. Why do I want to do that? Because I LOVE all of the Accuquilt products! They really do make quilting more fun. The Accuquilt Go! is portable, quick and accurate at cutting fabric. There are so many shapes and although I haven't actually tried any of the applique, one of these days I"m going to force myself to sit down and applique something. Maybe one of these days soon! I really, really love my studio cutter. Almost every day this summer I have cut something out with it. Although I had visions of the Studio cutter making short work of my fabric stash (which hasn't happened yet) it really has helped me make quilt kits so quickly. If I could purchase one of these Studio cutters for every quilt guild in the country, I would. If you belong to a quilt guild, you should really suggest that they invest in an Accuquilt Studio. Yes, they are expensive! Each die will cost about $100, unless you can find them on ebay (but don't outbid me please!) But, if you make as many quilts as I do, you will find they are worth the cost. How much is your time worth? Mine is worth $60 an hour. $1 a minute. Yep. That's what I decided. So, if I can save a few dollars on each quilt I make, it is so worth it to me to spend a few dollars on a new die every once in a while. And, how much is fun worth? I don't drink and I don't gamble and I don't go to the movies often so this is what I do for fun :)

So, can you help me get closer to giving away an Accuquilt product? Just follow me (click on the follow button)

I feel like I have been blessed with so much. I have a great husband who puts up with my hobby addictions. I can never do something part way. I used to have birds. I didn't just have one or two, no I had hundreds of birds in my living room. My screen name many places is mlewisbirdbrain :) Then, I had guinea pigs. Not just one or two, but at the most about 50 guinea pigs in my living room! Then it was crocheting. Not just one or two projects going at once, but thousands of skeins of yarn! You see a pattern here. My hobbies take over the whole house and my dear husband puts up with each one. Then, I have four wonderful children who also put up with their mother's obsessions. Sometimes they even help out!

To whom much is given, much is expected...

So, am I weird?


Rebecca said...

Oh Marilyn, you're not weird. I think you're kind of 'regular'. I haven't gone the route with birds or guinea pigs but I do have a good-sized collection of toy sewing machines, regular sewing machines, several knitting machines, fabric, yarn, etc. And, I keep thinking I want to be a mixed media artist so I collect all (and I do mean all) sorts of miscellaneous stuff for the day I become that artist.

Tonya said...

I can relate completely on the arm/shoulder thing. Only I was trying to quilt on a home machine and pulling and tugging hurt it so badly! But now I am thankful and appreciate using it so much more since it is finally healing.

I have heard that about accuquilt too. I don't know how many followers you need though.

Cheri said...

I'm a big goal setter too but if I don't set goals I tend to veg...so.... I think your goals are admirable.

Karen Batt said...

Hi Marilyn. You are not weird at all, actually quite normal for "us" crafters. I have known you for years through AC4C and I have followed your blog daily. When I turn the computer on, your blog is the first thing I check. I also quilt and donate all of them for free to Online Angels. Who in turn, sends them everywhere. Keep up the great work and I hope your shoulder heals soon so you can get back to work!!! Karen Batt