Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lefthanded quilting

So, even after giving my shoulder a whole day of quilting rest, it is still killing me. I made a doctor appointment for tomorrow. I decided that while I waited for the appointment, I would see if I could quilt lefthanded. What could it hurt?

You know, I'm pretty good lefthanded! I got my 4 quilts done today using only my left hand to guide the quilting machine. Watch out world, now that I can quilt with both my left and right hand, I can get twice as much done. If only I had two machines, I could work them both at the same time :) Ha!

The advice nurse thinks I may have torn a muscle or stretched some ligaments. I hurt it bowling about 3 weeks ago, but that was in the front and now it hurts in the back. This doctor must think I am a giant spaz. I swear that since switching to Kaiser I have been into see this guy about every month for some new problem. Before switching I only went to the doctor to have a baby! Seriously :) I need to get my records transferred over so my new doctor doesn't think I am crazy.

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Tonya said...

Well, glad you are going to the doc. I went a year and a half with a messed up arm/shoulder before getting it worked on so I hope you get a 'quicker fix'.