Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Did I scare it away?

So, my appointment with the orthopedic specialist on Thursday and now my shoulder doesn't hurt. What's up with that? Does my shoulder know that I have the appointment? Is it laying low so I look like a fool? I was crying on Sunday and today...nothing?

SO, call me an idiot, but I decided that since I am healed, I would quilt 3 quilts to reach 100 for the summer :)

This way I am either going to blow the shoulder out for the appointment, or get half way to my goal. Either way, I achieved something today. Hubby doesn't like the idea very much.

On another front...Carla, Rhoda and I went to a Quilts of Valor meeting tonight at my local quilt shop. Out of the 8 people that were there, three of them were named Judy. What's the chance of that? Several of the ladies were working on quilts and we went just to see what was going on. Carla took home one of the quilt tops to quilt and we all agreed to make some more quilts before the next meeting. We all learned that there are several groups working with the wounded soldiers here at Travis Air Force Base. I'm going to talk to my friend, Kelli and see if she will try to coordinate and get the groups together.

I'm hoping my shoulder is healed so I can get back to quilting. It was nice to be around people who are working towards a common goal again. And it felt good to touch fabric :)

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Becky said...

There is something to be said about hurting when you go to the doctor. When you grimace, it gives them a clue . . . . I'd do the few quilts, IMHO.