Sunday, July 31, 2011

Final Day for Giveaway and saving energy

Today is the final day for the quilt kit giveaway. You just have until midnight to sign up. I will pick a winner in the morning, when I get up :)

I gave the finished quilt to my friend at church today and totally forgot about putting a card in the tote bag. Oops. Oh, well, everyone knows me as the quilt lady from church, so I know the new mom will know who the present is from, and I saved another tree!

Speaking of saving trees, maybe it is all the talk of the economy and raising the debt ceiling, or maybe it is spending so much on the bathroom re-do (which still isn't done by the way!) but I have been freaking out just a little bit on our PG&E bills. I was at the dentist will my little guy the other day and overheard the ladies talking about thier bills. One lady was saying that she just got a $90 bill last month. Another lady said hers was $120. They said that those were pretty low bills, but they thought they would be lower because we have had some really cool temperatures for the summer months. True, our summer has been really cool. We have maybe had 5 days over 100 all summer long. But, our bill is over $400 almost every month every month of the year.

What's running and sucking all of the power? I am starting to do some research in the hopes of saving a little money (to spend on fabric or a robotic quilting machine!)

Here's an article on how appliances still use power, even when off.
I found this article on how much each appliance uses, based on the values for 8 cents/KW hour. Now to figure out how much we pay per hour for a kilowatt :) I bet it is a lot more than 8 cents!

Off to do some more research. I feel like the energy czar at my school. Turn off that light, shut down that computer! Ugh, I wish my shoulder felt better so I could quilt :)

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Carla said...

Many things you can do to reduce your electricity use. PG&E is willing to help. Make an appt with PG&E for a free energy survey of your home electrical use.

Biggest users of the most energy:
Air conditioning
TV(s)/computer screens
Refrigerator (make sure to keep it closed and full)

Gas or electric dryer?
Dishwasher using heat dry?
Lights on all the time?