Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pulled muscle or Lung Cancer?

I went to Kaiser again today and saw the orthopedic specialist. Her suggestion was that my sore shoulder was either a strained muscle or possibly lung cancer. What? Where did that come from? So she sent me for an Xray of my lung. She said she would only call me if there was something wrong. I asked if she would at least email me if everything was ok. She said nope, just a phone call if she saw something in the xray. So, I guess if I don't hear anything, I will live to make another quilt. She said she was pretty sure it was a strained muscle and that I would get better eventually. Did I ever mention that I think I picked the wrong profession? How do you like my new dress? I'm thinking of getting them in every color. And why is it so puffy around the middle? Next time I'm not wearing it over my pants! And yes, the xray tech made sure to point out that I put it on backwards. I didn't realize there was a front side. He was pretty funny. I guess you get a little crazy sitting in a dark room all day.


Tonya said...

Lung cancer? I doubt it. Good grief. Doctors and their bedside manner.

About 4 years ago I had Mono. My doc thought I had throat cancer. The cancer clinic sent me to an ear nose and throat specialist who determined I had Aids probably because I was taking so long to heal. Aids? Huh??

Finally was sent to an internal disease specialist who insisted on testing me twice for Aids since the first came back negative. (My brother died of Aids and they just knew I caught it from him somehow.) Finally they figured out I had chronic Mono.

From Cancer to Aids to Mono.

Just rest that arm some more!

Alycia said...

I vote for strained shoulder if it has to be anything - maybe you just sneezed to hard, or quilted too much. Feel better!