Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Still want to send quilts to Japan?

Yesterday I sent another 15 quilts to Japan. I am still working through the quilt tops that were sent to me for the Quilts for Japan project that I wasn't able to finish in time for the Free Shipping from Fed Ex. I was a little worried that I would have to get a second job to pay for the quilts to get there, or maybe have to rent a plane and take them myself.

Well, I boxed up 15 quilts in a pretty big box and took them to the post office. The guy I'm sending them to is a Major for the US Marines (hoo-rah) and so I could send the box Military Mail. Yay!

The box weighed 21 pounds and only cost me $12.89 to ship. Wow! Now I wish my daughter was in the military because I have to ship out some stuff to her in college and it will probaby cost me about $60, just to go to Ohio. I sent this big box all the way to Japan for so cheap!

If you would still like to help the Children of Japan and send them a warm hug from the United Stated, you can use this address too. The more quilts you send at one time, the cheaper it is to send. I sent mine the cheapest way possible, parcel post, and it will probably take about a week to get there. If you include your email address, Maxx will email you when the box arrives.

Maj. Maxx Godsey
PSC 78 Box 412
APO AP 96326

When you get to the post office, you will need to fill out the large customs form with all of your information on it and what is in the box. You can just make up a value for the quilts. They aren't charged customs on the packages so it doesn't matter what you put, but mark gift :)

There were over one million people who lost homes in Japan and they are still working to clean up after the disaster. I know that I never hear anything on the news about Japan because we go from one crisis to another. So, if you still have the children of Japan on your hearts and still feel the need to help them, know that they aren't forgotten and that there are still lots of people helping. You quilts will be welcomed with open arms and given to kids who still need BIG hugs!

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