Thursday, July 30, 2009

lots to share

I'm trying to take pictures that show off the quilting a little more. This first one shows the clam shell quilting. I really like this pattern of quilting because it goes really fast and looks good and is super easy. I can throw a quilt on while making dinner, stop several times to stir the pasta, flip the burgers and have the quilt done when dinner is ready to go!

These next two are of the same quilt. Both show off the flower and leaves quilting.

This is a close up of the flower pattern. Again, super easy to do, but takes a little more time since you are back tracking over yourself just a little.

Another clamshell, this time on my favorite colors, reds! Gotta love that one. Easy, pretty, what more could you ask for?

Simple meander on a cow themed quilt. I love cows. I lived in the dairy barns when I was in college. That's how much I loved cows. I didn't actually live in the barn, although I did sleep in the barn one night, before a dairy show. To keep the cow from laying in her poop. But, there were 4 girls who lived in a dorm room at the dairy barns and we took turns on the weekends getting up super early and helping move the cows for milking and feeding them twice a day. It was really hard work and you got really dirty and I loved it. That was when I wanted to be a veterinarian. Everyone who lived in the dairy barns and applied to Vet school got in. But, then I changed my mind and became a teacher. I still had fun with the cows.

This one is a loopy clam shell. It was kind of weird, but I wanted to try something different. At the top of each bump on the clam shell, I made a loop. Not my favorite pattern, but...

Meandering loops on more cows. Gotta love cows.

I really love this pattern on the 63 block square quilts. It is quick, fun and looks really good. I have to try it on some of the other quilts to see if it looks as good. It is just so easy on the blocks because they are already spaced out nicely for me.

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Quilter Kathy said...

Wow! You are inspiring with all your finishes!
I like the look of the clam pattern...don't think I've ever seen one like it in real life (ie not on the computer!)