Tuesday, July 14, 2009

quilt day

Wow, quilt day was so much fun. I told my pastor's wife that I think that must be what heaven is like. Sitting around with a whole house full of very fun women, laughing and sewing and eating. What could be better? She sent me a picture of the view from her daughter's house window. It looks out over the ocean. She was away this weekend, visiting with her daughters and working at a homeless mission in Los Angeles. We had a little discussion about how heaven could be different for each of us.

There were 27 women at quilt day and we got a lot done.

Here's part of the note from Carla after the day.

What did we accomplish?

A great time, a great deed, and a great deal!

27 people came to help

20 quilts completed

13 quilt tops completed

4 tops quilted

yards and yards....and yards... of strips ready for quilt tops and bindings

Carla had everything organized. One lady was cutting fabric and many women were sewing. Carla has a mangle (giant rolling ironing thingy) and Carla's mom was in charge of that. She would sit and iron the strips and then send them back to the sew-ers who would then sew them again. Some were sewing binding strips, which then got sewn onto the quilts I brought. Carla also had some quilts ready to be bound.

There were ladies trimming the quilts. These ladies were hiding out on the stairs because the house was so full...and Carla has a huge house!

There were ladies working on the quilting machine and laughing as they worked. They had so much fun trying to follow the pantograph and running out of bobbin thread and not realizing it until the end of the row.
And finally, here is the quilt I did yesterday. I tried a new pattern on the quilting. It was going along great, until I realized that the back fabric had folded over on me and I had to rip out three rows of quilting along the side edge. FRUSTRATING. But, once I got that fixed, the quilting was super easy and quick. Now, I have another quilting pattern under my belt that looks good. Another quilt added to the pile for next time. Speaking of next time...
August 16
Let me know if you want to come
Vacaville, Ca
You will have a lot of fun!
That is my 2nd to the last day before I have to go back to work :( so it will be a great day to catch up if I am behind on my goal for the summer. Today is day 39 of vacation...more than half way done :( :(

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Mary said...

How fun to have a big group of quilters together and I love all the quilts. I don't belong to a guild any longer but I love going to our HeartStrings sew-ins.