Thursday, July 9, 2009

yesterday and today

Yesterday I got one quilt quilted and today two so far. I'm on a Baptist Fan kick and have been enjoying the quickness of this quilting pattern. Today, while waiting for my daughter at a tennis lesson, I was looking through a quilting book and came up with an idea based on the Baptist fan and tried it out on the 2nd quilt of the day.
It is sort of like a flower, but just goes across the quilt, like the Baptist fan. Not sure if you can see the stitching on the last quilt here, but it was quick and easy to do and looks nice as well.

This is the same quilt, with flash used. Shows the colors of the quilt better, but doesn't show the quilting much
I am happy with my quilting skills progress. Each quilt is getting a little better and I'm still learning something with each quilt. My great system of trimming the quilts as soon as they were quilted and then adding them to the 'needs to be bound pile' has quickly fallen by the wayside. I now have found a new place to stash the 'quilts needing to be trimmed' pile and just go along to the next quilt.

My friend Carla is having a work day this Sunday so I hope to take a bunch of quilts that need binding and get them finished up. Her last work day, she got about 50 quilts done with her family for Thanksgiving, so I have no idea how many she will get done this weekend. This woman is a crazy workhorse! And I love her for it. If anyone lives close enough to Vacaville, Ca and wants to help out, let me know and I will give you all of the information. Carla has plenty of room for more helpers and is even providing lunch!

Here is another quilt from Kathy in Florida. She sent this along to join the other quilts headed to Kazakhstan. The back has 'frog skin' and is bright green and yellow. I know a little boy will love this one. (My oldest daughter would love this quilt--she loves frogs) When she was in 7th grade, she had a frog fabric bandana that she wore to school one time. The principal told her she couldn't wear it because it was a gang symbol. Ever since then, we have teased her about being in the 'frog gang'.

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Kathy T. said...

Loved your story about your daughter's "frog gang" bandana!

The many quilts you are making are fantastic - the kids are sure to love them.

Kathy T. in Tampa, FL