Monday, July 27, 2009

Will I make it?

I have 10 days until my mini vacation take my daughter back to school trip and I have 30 quilt tops to quilt. That means 3 quilts per day. Will I make it? Not sure, but I'm willing to give it a good try.

Today's goal is to pick out backing fabric for everything and stitch a whole bunch of pieces together. Things go much quicker when the backing fabrics are all sewn together in a veeeeery long strip and then pinned once to the frame. That way I can put 5 or 6 quilts on before having to put more backing fabric on.

How many of you have trouble giving up fabric for the backs of quilts? I have some really cute fabrics, but just can't seem to use it for the backs of quilts. I keep pulling it out and thinking, this would be so cute for a quilt. So, back into the stack it goes.

I think I will head to the shed this morning and pull in a bucket of fabric and just call it backings. That way it doesn't have a chance to be 'cute' and get used for the front of the quilt. Besides, the backs of the quilts need to be cute too.

I think with these 30 quilts, we will just about be at the goal of 150 quilts. It is really hard to keep track of how many quilts are where. I have the number on the side bar, but I'm not sure that is accurate. I'd rather send over a few extras just in case.

But I do know that I've now quilted over 100 quilts this year since Jan 1. You can see the list on the side and I'm over 100, but there are still a couple on the list that are just tops, so I think I hit 100 yesterday, but again, counting has never been a strong point for me :) Good thing I teach science!

Hope you enjoy your day. Summer is coming to an end for me. Once I'm back from vacation, I have one weekend left and then it is back to work. Yipee. Budget cuts, increased class sizes, new principal, uncertainty, all things to look forward to. At least it won't be boring!

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Glasgow Lindsay said...

Of course you will make it! You are bound to with the roll you are on at the moment!