Sunday, July 26, 2009

the last 6 for the day

Ok, so these are the last of the bunch going off to church this morning. My house will be empty of finished quilts. I still have a pile of quilts that need bindings, but my friend Carla told me to leave those for our next Quilt Day. I need to try and get all of the quilt tops finished up by Aug 5 so there will be lots to work on for Quilt Day on the 16th. I'm leaving to take my daughter back to school and have a family reunion. Can't wait! For both :)
Stripie in yellow and brown. I can't remember what I called it the first time I posted a picture of it. It has animals and trees and stuff.

Another 63 square quilt. Can you tell I love this pattern. They are made with 6 1/2 inch squares. Great way to use up scraps.

Attic windows, little quilt, only about 40 inches square.

African masks. See the little heart on the quilt? I had to put that on there to cover a hole in the quilt. My attempt at applique :)

Farm scene quilt? Not sure what I called this one the first time either. I am getting so many quilts I am running out of names! HELP>

And another quilt in yellow and browns. I really need to write down the names so I can call them the same thing :)

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