Wednesday, July 1, 2009

this is what is taking all of the time

It is a quilt called Watercolor Quilt from the magazine Quilt June/July 2009 #101. I picked it up at Walmart a month or so ago and fell in love with this quilt pattern. But, after making the quilt, I do not love the pattern the way it is written. The top of the quilt has so many partial seams to get it put together and the directions say, sew the quilt together. Well, gee, thanks. That was helpful!

It didn't say which seams to sew first so there were a lot of trial and error.

The bottom of the quilt was easy, straight lines and everything fit together.

And, this thing is huge! 84 x 96. I think I will be able to quilt it on my frame, but I will have to add to the fabric that is attached to the frame already because that isn't long enough :(

That will be tomorrow's project...maybe. But I do love the colors my daughter picked out. I never would have picked these colors myself, but she has an eye for what she likes and she said, if it didn't look good, who cared, she liked it and it was just going to stay in her room.


Alycia said...

I love that!! Your daughter has great taste in colors!!

elsie123 said...

A lot of work, but it's beautiful!

Jacky O said...

What pattern is this? I really love it!!
please e-mail me at:

Thank you!