Sunday, July 26, 2009

tennis and quilts

My #2 daughter is now playing tournaments and driving 1 1/2 hours each way is really cutting into the quilting time. I'm loving it! I forgot how much I missed going after my older daughter stoped played when she went to college. She still plays in college, but she is 3,000 miles away and I don't get to watch her anymore.

Yesterday I got to watch her play mixed doubles with a friend and that was really fun. They won, which made it even better because they played against a teaching pro, who was really good, and one of his students. Since going off to college, her tennis has become much more agressive and she can move much quicker to get balls she never would have gotten to before.

Here is the quilt I got done yesterday. I am taking a whole huge stack of quilts to church this morning. I have to count them, but I think there are about 25 in the stack. These are the quilts from Quilt Day that got bound.

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