Saturday, July 4, 2009

yesterday's quilts

Yesterday I managed to squeeze in two quilts. one in the morning and one while making dinner. The dinner quilt was just a little thing to use up the last of the backing I had loaded on the frame. I had picked out three pieces of purples and sewn them all together and there was enough for a small quilt left and I just had this little top waiting around forever. So, I would stir the pasta, quilt a row. Turn the ground turkey, stitch a row. By the time dinner was ready, the quilting was done. Ever wonder how I get so many quilts done? I guess you could say I'm pretty good at multi tasking. Dinner was good too! Spaghetti with meat sauce :)

Today's celebration includes more quilting. I think I will work on something patriotic. I have a quilt that is partially done that was given to me. It was part of a collection from a lady who passed away last summer. She made quilts for Quilts of Valor and I believe all of the squares are there and just need stitching together. I think I will pull it out and see what I can make of it. Seems fitting for a day like today.

Hubby doesn't like to do the whole 'parade and fireworks'. He doesn't like the big crowds and parking and taking an hour to get home thing. On a good night, we can see the fireworks from our front yard. You can't hear them, but you can see them from over the rooftops down the street.

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