Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Can it be Tuesday?

Wow, really? I have been busy, but the days are zipping by quickly now. Only two more days until my trip to take my oldest back to college and to visit my parents. I'm looking forward to both. She is like a caged animal who longs for the wild where she belongs. All she can talk and think about are going back to college so I think she picked the right school. Even if it is 3,000 miles away :( But as my dad always said, "If you love something, set it free. If it was truly yours, it will return to you." I tried that with a white dove we found that was hurt. We nursed it back to health and then I let it go, thinking it would be so grateful for the help I gave it that it would just come right back. Well, it flew off and never even looked back at me. I it flew up to the power lines above our house and when my dad got home from work I was in the backyard crying. He tried to catch it for me, knowing this dove did not belong in the wild and that it would probably get eaten later that day. Since then, I've held onto things a little too tightly perhaps.

But onto quilts.
These first two quilts came from Rebecca in Alaska. She sent me two quilts to quilt for her and also sent along these two finished quilts for Kazakhstan. I was surprised that these were already done and so happy with them. They are just so cute! I love getting to look at what other quilters are doing since I'm not in a quilting guild. I want to join one soon, but they meet at strange times, like evenings, when I'm ready to go to sleep :) or during the day, when I have to work :(

more of the 63 squares. Can you tell I like this one?

and another...

Easy quilt for infants to teens--see the link on the side bar. Just 8 1/2 x 10 1/2 and 5 1/2 x 10 1/2 rectangles sewn together. What could be easier? Well, maybe a whole cloth quilt?
Baptist fan quilting--my daughter's favorite

Here is a stripie with penguins. I love the deep blue colors on this quilt.
These last pictures are of the quilts I quilted for Rebecca in Alaska. I didn't want to show the whole quilt since they are hers to show off. I will have to look up her blog and post that later, I'm not very technical at these things. She did a great job with these quilts and my favorite part of quilting them was getting to really look at each fabric. Since you have to pay attention when quilting, you get to spend time admiring each of the fabrics used in a scrappy quilt. I didn't realize until the one on the right was finished that it is a rail fence quilt. When you look at it closely, some of the blocks have smaller blocks in them, but when you step back, you can't see that and the rail fence pattern comes out. So neat. And so many different fabrics. I recognized a couple of them from fabrics I have but most were new to me. It amazes me how many different fabrics there are out there.
and finally a close up of the quilting on the rail fence quilt. I did one of my favorites, the sunburst quilting. I love it because it is easy, and looks really good. It could be masculine as well, but doesn't have to be. My daughter and son both love this one, so I think it is good for a girl or boy and since I didn't know who the quilt was for, I figured it would work.


Rebecca said...

Ooooooo! They look wonderful! Thank you so much!

The one with the rail fence blocks does have some strange blocks in it! I made long strips of dark light dark. Then I cut the blocks out of the strips. I had some pieces left over from the strip ends so I pieced those together, and made more blocks. I thought it added a little bit of something different.

I am glad both your kids liked the quilts. I don't know who they are for yet, but God will tell me when it is the right time.

I am also thrilled you liked the little quilts I sent to you. The square log cabin one was made for a challenge in a quilt guild to use all of a set of fabrics, and the other purpley one was made from blocks my dh bought for me at a thrift store. I don't usually make such small quilts so I am glad to have a place to donate them.

Take care. God Bless You.

Sandra said...

How do you quilt your baptist fan? I have been wanting to to try to do this design.Is it freehand or panto ?