Monday, August 17, 2009

Quilt Day #2

I had a great time yesterday at Quilt Day! Not as many people showed up, but we still got a lot done. I had taken over 27 quilts from the past month for binding.

The ladies there got 23 quilts bound while I was there and one of the ladies was still going when I left at 5:30pm. She had been working since 10am and had bound 12 quilts by herself. I told her she was my new best friend!

Everyone needs a binding friend like this :)

I also got 3 quilts quilted on my friend Carla's quilting frame. It was fun getting to try a new machine. She has it set up so you can use a pantograph. Boy, is that hard. I am so used to watching the needle and freemotioning everything that following a little line with a lazer was really difficult. I had to learn how to look away for a second to see if I had broken the thread or run out of bobbin. I had lots of trouble at the beginning, but once I got going, things went well.

I did one quilt with the pantograph and two freehand. The pantograph quilt took me about an hour and the others took about 30 minutes each :)

I'm pretty sure we passed the 150 mark with this quilt day. There is no way I could have done this without my friend Carla's help. She really rallied behind this goal and got all of her friends from Stampin' Up and Square Dancing to come out and help. Even people who had never sewed before were learning to put bindings on quilts. Carla has a way of encouraging and helping and making everyone feel so welcome. I aspire to be more like her.


Glasgow Lindsay said...

Excellent work you are quilting up a storm this summer!!! Don't you love enthusiastic people they really lift your spirits?!

Mary said...

Wow, you guys really got a lot done -- I could use a binding friend too!