Saturday, August 29, 2009

new routines

This year has brought many changes to my life. My oldest is in her 2nd year of college and just informed me she has a new boyfriend. Can't wait to meet him. He is from Florida. Could she have picked a further away place? At least it is warm there!

My #2 daughter just started high school. She is on the tennis team and had her first high school match. She did very well and won. I was so excited for her. She is loving everything about high school, including having lunch with me every day. So far at least it is cool to have your mom work where you go to school. I wonder how long that will last.

My #1 son started jr. high. He was so excited for a year where he got to change classes. He plays trombone and just auditioned for Jazz band and made it. He gets to be on the robotics team which meets after school a couple days a week at the high school and will be in the marching band after school on the other days as well. He is going to be one busy guy this year, which means I will have to learn how to program the planner in my phone to remind me to pick him up at the right places on time.
My younger son just started kindergarten. Wow, so many firsts and starts and new things. I'm having trouble getting into a routine. I start school earlier this year so I am not getting my computer time in the morning. That was when I used to update my blog every morning. Now, I am lucky to get 15 minutes to read through my emails and post the Freecycle things (I run that group in my city) and eat breakfast. Then, it's get the kids going, make lunches (trying to save money--we were spending about $75 a week for everyone to eat lunch at school) and get us out the door.

Last week I got 7 quilts quilted and this week, only 1. That's ok because I will have more time other weeks as I get things figured out.

I am working on the huge pile of quilts that we worked on during our 2nd quilt day. I have 12 more ready to take to church tomorrow.

I also have a box of 6 that arrived from Washington. I will save those for another post, because they are just too gorgeous. I think I will also take them by themselves next Sunday so they get the attention they deserve at church.

So for now, enjoy some of the quilts we finished at Quilt Day #2

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