Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Want to help?

"I will need 150+ quilts to give out in Aktobe (orphanage not fit for dogs). Are you up to it?"

This was the message I got today from my missionary friend who is in Kazakhstan. Of course I answered yes!

If you have an 'ugly' quilt top you are never going to finish, or some orphan blocks you don't know what to do with or want to see a quilt get into the hands of children who have very little and would like to help with this 150+ quilt goal by the end of the summer (or sooner) leave a comment with how to get ahold of you. I would love to have helpers so I can reach this goal as quickly as possible. My church friends will find a way to ship the quilts to Kazakhstan if you can get the to me in Northern California.

God Bless You all.


carlam said...

Count me in!

Luisa said...

how many blocks? send me your address, I try to help you-
Luisa -Genoa- Italy

Charlene said...

I have this one quilt top I really don't like. You can have it. I know others said it was nice but I'm thinking they are just saying it to be nice. You never know I could be wrong. LOL!